Lenawee-Personal Narrative

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IT “It” was first seen in the late 90’s. It was said that many kids that were in the woods and driving alone would disappear. It would also be reported that people just walking on the street at night would go missing. This scared a lot of people that the mayor of Devils Lake, Lenawee County, Michigan had to make a curfew that to be to bed by sunset. Who ever broke this law was either put in jail or gone missing. This scared all but a group of college boys and there girlfriends. One night they took there low rider and rode it around after sunset. “I 'm scared.” said one of the girl friends. “Don 't be baeb, it 's all just a myth.” And then they went on there night driving through towns and threw woods until they saw this huge sewer in…show more content…
The jock driving got back up and tried to punch him but instead of hurting whatever was on top of the car he broke his own [hand. Finally the person with white and blue striped mc hammer pants looked down and they realized that it wasn 't a person. They didn 't know what it was. IT looked like a clown on half of his face and just pure muscle on the other. IT showed them his fist and claws sharp as machetes came out and he started killing them one by one. Blood and more blood kept splatting. After everyone was dead IT walked away and the pitch black hands pulled the car into the earth. That was the last time the college kids were seen. Friday, january 13th, 2017 Tynan was just a 12 year old kid at this time and it was his first day back from winter break. Tynan didn 't want to go back to school today because he didn 't really like school. He got ready for school and was wondering where everyone was. He couldn’t waste time though because his bus was about to be at his bus stop. “Bye mom he yelled, bye dad,…show more content…
He walked there and luckily got there just in time. The thing that he didn 't realize was that it wasn 't his first day back from winter break and that it was everyone 's day off. It was everyone 's day off because on this day especially IT walked around freely and could do whatever it wanted on this day and this day only. Even during the day. Tynans bus reached the bus stop and stopped. Tynan was really scared of his usual bus driver because if anyone ever looked at him they would yell at them very loud. So he kept his head down and was walking to his assigned seat on the bus. Tynan wasn 't popular and kept headphones on his ears. When they got to the next bus stop it came to him that there was none else on the bus. And no one was at the bus stop. He looked up at the bus driver and saw nothing. All he saw was that the bus driver was gone and the door was open. Tynan got up to check if the bus driver was anywhere near the bus outside. He started walking back to his seat and hit his head. He looked up and saw this clown looking thing as tall as the bus itself slouching over and
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