Lengel's Monologue

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"I quit!" I said to Lengel. I saw shock come upon his face.

He said,"You can 't quit you 're the best cashier this town has ever seen!"

I answered,"Too bad, you should have treated those poor girls right!""

He asked,"Why do you want to stand up for them? You can 't even stand up for yourself!"

"That 's it! I 'm gone. I 'm telling everyone that the A&P has rotten meat and stale bread!" I yelled.

He exclaimed,"Go ahead and tell them. Your family is never welcome here again!"

I ran out of the door to see the three girls standing there waiting on me.

I said,"Hello ladies! Did y 'all hear what I did I in there?"

The chunky one said,"Yes, yes we did thank you so much."

The girls persuaded me to
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