Leni Riefenstahl Research Paper

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The camera zooms in as her brown aged eyes gazed upon the two beautiful women in the photographs that she held with soft and delicate hands. At nearly ninety years old Leni Riefenstahl smiles fondly at her youthful images as memories of her previous acting career flood her thoughts. Prior to becoming an actress the young Riefenstahl was a successful dancer until a knee injury derailed her dreams. As a result of her accident she was no longer able to perform, thus she turned her focus to acting and became a lead actress in many films. Riefenstahl was a vivacious woman that persisted on being uncooperative, defiant, and disobedient towards the directors while she on set for her films. Deciding that being an actress was no longer a career that captivated her interests, a calling to direct films propelled her career and led her to becoming Adolf Hitler’s favored propaganda film director. The propaganda film she was once praised for became her biggest enemy and ultimately led to her demise as a director and marked her as being an uncompassionate woman. The purpose of…show more content…
The aging woman defends that she never intended to create a Nazi propaganda film but was persuaded by a persistent by a Adolf Hitler, despite turning his request down multiple times. Once commissioned to create the propaganda film, Leni explains that the Führer had a very specific vision and wanted the film to be artistic and not about politics. Filmed in Nuremberg in the year 1934, Triumph of the Will glorifies Adolf Hitler and his vow to transform and reinstate Germany to its former great power. While the Führer declares his stance on creating a superpower Germany, the film also documents the Nazi Party Congress and the 700,000 supporters that eagerly listen to the multiple Nazi leaders
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