Lenina And John The Savage Analysis

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Brave New World is a novel by Aldous Huxley, first published in 1932. The story takes place in London six hundred years in the future. Humans are hatched in laboratories where ageing is eradicated and people are predestined to live in specific castes. John the Savage is the protagonist and Lenina Crowne is one of the main characters. John is raised on the Reservation and returns to the civilized world with Lenina. People at the Reservation are not a part of the World State and not subjected to the hatching and conditioning of the World State. John and Lenina are attracted to each other but their relationship develops into a disaster. “The strongest suggestion our worser genius can, shall never melt mine honour into lust.” (BNW, 169). John gives himself a reason to resist Lenina by using a quote from Shakespeare. Why does John push Lenina away even though he loves her? This essay will compare Lenina and John the Savage and discuss the reasons why their relationship is a failure.

Lenina is described as “pneumatic” which means “filled with air”. This expression is a metaphor for being curvy and attractive. In the new world people are encouraged to have sex, including Lenina. Sex is casual and expected. She believes “everyone belongs to everyone else” (BNW, 34). However, Lenina has a long sexual relationship with Henry Foster which makes her unusual. Eventually she moves on to a new relationship with Bernard Marx. “But, Bernard, you 're saying the most awful things. ' 'Don 't
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