Diary About Lenina's Thoughts In The Brave New World Society

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RATIONALE I wrote a diary about Lenina’s thoughts in the Brave new world society. As a principal character, Lenina represents a model citizen that always follows its policies. But I think that inside herself she has desires and disagreements with it. Bernard´s behavior mentally confuses her, because he was always complaining about the governments ' ideologies and opposing to take soma. Which was dangerous because she likes him. The tone I use is informal and hopes to reach school students and adults audience. I use simple language to make Lenina’s ideas, feelings, and desires easier to understand. For example, it contains phrases that express her constant changes of humor like, “Soma controls me, it gives me a superficial happiness…” or “I…show more content…
I choose to write a diary because I believe people thoughts ideas and feelings are essential to describe a society, so through Lenina’s intimate thoughts, the audience can have a different opinion of her. I also think that a diary is a way to freely express what we might not say out loud. I link my diary with the topic of social relationships because it shows how a government can affect its citizen’s life. A.F Dear Diary: Soma is an escape from this horrible world, it gives me a feeling of happiness that is hard to describe when I take it everything is fine but then, when the effects are gone the reality drags me. A normal day for me is to work, date guys, go to parties and take soma. Today something amused me, the new guy Bernard talked to me he seems like a normal citizen and when he started to question the government I was shocked. I realize that he was different, I saw it in his eyes he is uncomfortable living in this world. I agree and would like to tell him my desires but he can’t know that I hate this world too, it is dangerous to talk about it in front of people. Soma keeps me on the right path, makes me say and do the right
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