Lenina In Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World

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The reader encounters a repetition from Lenina in the start and the end of the passage chosen with “I don’t like it”, which shows how Lenina feels while visiting the reservation with Bernard, one of the other main protagonist of the novel. However, it is not the proof of how Lenina reacts throughout the passage to this new civilization she is discovering. Lenina is questioning Bernard about what they are both observing and as Lenina reacts outrageously, Bernard is taking the novelty factually and philosophically. While Lenina is throwing questions after questions to Bernard such as “What is the matter with him?”, “But how can they live like this?”, “old?”, he answers all of them rhetorically with “He's old, that's all”, or with, “these people …show more content…

In the start of the passage, it is from Lenina’s point of view that the reader is discovering the reservation also known as the pueblo where there is “the dirt, to start with, the piles of rubbish, the dust, the fogs, the flies”, which tells us that there is not as much hygiene as in Ford’s community. Furthermore, as Lenina is reciting her Hypnopaedic lesson in elementary hygiene that she knows, Bernard explains how throughout the last five or six thousand years the savages happen to succeed to survive without their hygiene and how they are not civilized. In the passage, there is also an astronomical amount of description of the savages, who are shocking Lenina. As there is a depiction of an Indian climbing down a ladder, he is described as an “almost naked Indian” and with an “extreme old age”, “a toothless mouth”, a face “profoundly wrinkled and black”, “a few long bristles gleamed almost white against the dark skin” and a body “bent and emaciated to the bone, almost

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