Lennie And Friendship

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Most people would appreciate to have a relationship with someone like Mario & Luigi.Two brothers, who always have each others back. Best friends, if you will. Great partnership, Mario and Luigi. Of Mice and Men is a book by John Steinbeck, about two friends, George and Lennie who were so close, being blood related could not have made them closer. Lennie, in particular, seems to have a good relationship with George. Lennie demonstrates friendship because in Of Mice and Men because he attempts to make friends with the other ranchers.
When Crooks and Lennie run into each other for the first time, “Lennie smiled helplessly at an attempt to make friends” (Steinbeck 68). Lennie earlier has been told by George to keep shut and keep all talking to
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Right when George and Lennie get off the bus and realized they have to hike 5 miles before they get to the ranch, Lennie stops and "drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse... 'Lennie! ' he said sharply. 'Lennie, for God’ sakes don’t drink so much, '” (Steinbeck PDF 2). Lennie understands that George is already upset. They were told by the bus driver that they were really close to their destination (the ranch) and he took George and Lennie off the bus. As they continued to walk, they realized that they were still 5 miles away. Since George is already upset with that, and seems to be taking it out on Lennie, Lennie immediately obeys and does as he is told, and stops drinking the water, so George does not get angry. Lennie also shows friendship by looking out for George by once again preventing him from having another outburst of anger towards Lennie or someone else when they get to the ranch. George tells Lennie, " '…but you ain’t gonna say a word. You jus’ stand there and don’t say nothing. ' ' (Steinbeck PDF 4). Lennie tries his best to say nothing, but as you know, he is forced to eventually talk, when the boss asks a question directly to Lennie. Lennie does not say anything that could comprise their work. He also saved George from wasting a lot of energy but not messing up and saying some things from his personal…show more content…
As seen, Lennie continue to show friendship with almost everyone he encounters, from his buddy George to the other ranchers. Lennie could have been a great friend, but mental issues and other things seemed to hinder him from achieving a lot of things in life. He looked out for George when he could, and when he could he would try to help out George, because he wanted the best for George and himself, and he wanted to achieve the goal of having their own ranch. Anyone who read the book knows that George definitely had a different plan in mind. A friend is a person who of which you have a mutual bond with. Lennie was tricked into thinking that George was his friend, and that they would be together until death set them apart. That was true, but death only set them apart because George killed him. George and Lennie seemed a lot like Mario and Luigi, but as you got closer and closer to the end of the book, that bond started to slip. Something you always need to watch is how your friends act when you are not in their presence, because that is the real person you are friends with. Had Lennie heard some of the conversations George was having with other ranchers, this book might have ended
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