Lennie Cruel

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“Florida seeks to execute a man because he scored a 71 instead of a 70 on an IQ test” (Barnes and Zapotosky). The court decides to execute a man over one whole point? They are not thinking about anything else but his IQ, maybe they should be looking at what horror he had done. This man raped and killed a woman. Lennie has not raped anyone, but he still killed a innocent woman. George did the right thing to kill Lennie himself, so he would not be any more harm to other people, and so George would finally have the life he needs. Also Lennie cannot learn from his mistakes, so he is going to keep making them. To begin, Lennie obviously has mental problems and does not know what he is doing half the time. He has no business being around that…show more content…
“When I think of the swell time I could have without you, I go nuts. I never get no peace” (Steinbeck 12). George does not lie and tells Lennie how good of a life he could of have. This quote shows that he is always thinking about how much money or how much easier his life would be without Lennie always holding him back. Ever since Lennie was a boy George has been taking care of him, and he never stops getting into trouble. George cannot keep a job because of Lennie, he cannot let Lennie even talk around anyone because he talks too much about the things that George does not want people to know. When Lennie killed Curley’s wife, George was finally fed up, and so was everyone else. He had reached his breaking point with Lennie, and so had everyone else. Lennie obviously was too mental to know what he was doing just like the time before that when he would not let go of that woman’s dress. Lennie just has no business around anyone, he is too dangerous even though he cannot help it. Although many people might say, Lennie did not kill people out of harm, he just cannot help it. If you kill someone and do not mean to, then there is help you need and can get. Back then there was not many other places than jail, and if it was not jail it was getting hung or electric chair. George did the right thing so Lennie would not get tortured and mistreated. Lennie would have been tortured by the other people at the bunkhouse. Lennie has no business being around any other people without George just did the job before they

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