Lennie Monologue

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Today me and Slim walked to the bunkhouse together, just chattin’ about the little pup that Slim gave to Lennie, which is moreover a kind gesture of him, since we both know that it means a lot to Lennie. Now the big guy’s got something to pet. I hope this keeps him damn busy, so he won’t do anything stupid which will get us in trouble. Slim commented on the power of Lennie, when he’s buckin’ barley, saying that he almost killed his partner. I felt proud at that moment, and as proud as I am I told him that Lennie can do anything if it doesn’t require much thinking. I wonder what Lennie would’ve said if Slim gave a compliment similar to this, to him. Afterwards, he told me he found it funny that Lennie and me are together. Usually I get nervous or angry when people bring up this topic, like the boss of the ranch, but Slim someone managed to turn that negative emotion in a good one and I began telling him about Aunt Clara. I even told him about the pranks, like when I told Lennie to jump in the Sacramento River, even though he can’t swim at all. I also told Slim the horror-story of what Lennie did to a…show more content…
Knowing him, I already had a feeling that he took the little pup with him and smuggle it into the bunkhouse, so he could pet with it, even when he’s in the bunkhouse. To confirm that he had one, I asked him if he liked his pup. I was glad to hear that he liked it, but I needed to be strict, so I walked to him and grabbed the little pup which he had been hiding against his stomach. Later this day, that jerk Curley disturbed us again. This time, it ended horribly. When Curley saw Lennie laughin’, probably thinkin’ about something fun, like petting dogs or rabbits, he walked up to him and teased him. As soon as Curley started punching Lennie, I told him (as I promised to), to fight back. Ya know what he did? Lennie grabbed Curley’s hand and he crushed it, like it was nothing. Lennie crushed Curley’s damn
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