How Does Steinbeck Create Tension In Chapter 6 Of Mice And Men

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When the book Mice and Men starts, We meet two of the main characters named Lennie Small, and George Milton. Lennie acts as if he is a lunatic. George acts if he was Lennies father. The men are heading towards a ranch in order to work. We learn Lennie is fascinated with touching the softness of items such as a dress, which got them ran out of their last home. Lennie keeps a dead mouse in his pocket. George argues with Lennie about the mouse. Afterwards we also learn about a dream of the men. The chapter ends after Lennie gets told to come to this same spot in the brush if any trouble arises. In chapter 1 george acts very harsh towards Lennie. The spot were lennie must come to if any trouble arises, makes the audiences know that trouble will…show more content…
Like the mouses it ends up dying. He tries to cover it up but of course curley 's wife come to try and get in his heart. She talks about her dreams then lets Lennie touch her hair. Of course She tries to flees when he doesn 't let go and her neck breaks. George and candy find her and Candy is astonished. Carlson 's Luger ends up missing and Carlson blames Lennie. This murder had the least detail and this is the point where its Poor in detail.This lack in explanation in how she got up and tried to run or he pulled really grabbed me. If the storie laid out more detail for the reader, a vast portion of readers would be more satisfied. In chapter seven the story comes to the end when Lennie actually remembers to retreat to the Brush since something bad happened. George obviously know where lennie is but of course he flees the search party to get to lennie first. When George finds lennie he is not a bit mad. Lennie has George resight the dream of the farm and how lennie will tend the rabbits. George let 's Lennie know that he never been mad and that he was there for him. He only tried to help never bring him down. Finally George which has carlson 's luger ends up with lennie at the end of the
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