Lennie Strength

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This story is about two men Lennie and George, who have an interesting life. They have been through many ups and downs, but always keep going. Lennie has made many mistakes and does not seem to learn from any of his mistakes. The author Steinbeck has made Lennie a character who is felt deeply about. Lennie may be strong, but that is not all it takes to succeed. Strength may have its power, but it also has its negatives. Being strong makes Lennie is a good worker, which helps him get jobs, but the struggle is keeping the job. He works better and faster than most everyone else. George acts as a father for Lennie and even when Lennie messes up they stay together. Lennie always screws up and forgets what George says. Lennie 's relationships…show more content…
Lennie tries to remember what George says, but still attempts to memorize everything. Lennie doesn 't think the same way most people would think. He does not process right and wrong. Lennie and George have been through a great deal of trouble. George always has to tell Lennie what he should say and should not say. Lennie recognizes many things, it is just hard for him to remember. It takes Lennie some time to keep remembering something. When Lennie and George first got to the Ranch, George had to tell Lennie to make sure he does not say anything when they first talk to the boss. Lennie has to then repeat it to himself many times, but George still had to be worried that he would talk. Lennie works like an animal and will get the job done. Lennie has made many mistakes and caused many problems. If Lennie messes up, most of the time George is there to help him. George always tells him how he screwed up and that he should not do it again in the future. Lennie does not learn from his mistake. Steinbeck shows this because in the book Lennie keeps making mistakes throughout the book. Therefore, Lennie brings struggle upon himself because he does not change. Steinbeck was successful at making Lennie an unsympathetic person in many ways. He showed who Lennie is as a person. Lennie has caused many problems in his past. Lennie may be strong and a good worker, but he usually does something that will get him in trouble. This causes him and George to keep moving to different places
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