Lennie's Complex Relationship

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George and Lennie’s Complex Relationship Since Lennie has a mental disability, it is hard for George to keep Lennie out of trouble in a various number of situations. George gets frustrated with Lennie several times in the novel, and it is hard for George to stay by Lennie’s side at some points. Lennie and George face several issues, and it continues in the book Of Mice and Men. Even though Lennie and George’s friendship has its problems, there are still benefits of having a friend. Lennie’s mental disability isn’t as dangerous when George is around. George keeps Lennie in check, and he helps Lennie develop proper manners. When George and Slim are talking, George says that he started to adapting to having Lennie around because he got stuck with…show more content…
Lennie is polite when George is around, but if George leaves, it’s a whole different story. Lennie misbehaves and acts mentally disabled. George tells Lennie that he is sick of him complaining all the time. George starts going on about how life would be easier without Lennie around so he could live his own life. George is annoyed with Lennie, and he is trying to parent him so that he can be more thankful for things others may not have. George also is angry because he wants his own life and can’t have it with Lennie around. George tells Slim “Jus’ tell Lennie what to do an’ he’ll do it if it don’t take no figuring. He can’t think of nothing to do himself, but he sure can take orders” (Steinbeck 39). George is helping the other men get used to Lennie so he won’t have to help Lennie get out of any trouble. If the other men give Lennie orders, Lennie won’t get into any trouble because he will be following orders from the other men at the ranch. A little later in their conversation, George tells Slim that Lennie isn’t as crazy as he seems, and it takes time to get used to him. George is sticking up for Lennie, and making him seem normal, but it’s hard to have someone around like Lennie, who misbehaves and doesn’t follow orders. George’s life is very difficult with Lennie, and he sacrifices a
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