Lennie's Death Penalty Cases

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Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, on behalf of George Milton I would like to thank you for your participation in this case. George is being charged with the murder of Lennie Smalls. There is beyond reasonable doubt that my client committed this crime. However, George did not requisite the motive to kill Lennie. For someone to be found guilty of murder, they should at least requisite the motive or intent of purposely trying to bring physical pain to the victim. As a result of, the victim knowingly or unknowingly having trickled a nerve of theirs. George was trying to do the complete opposite. In this case, all he wanted to do was avoid the town’s men killing his beloved friend Lennie, and ensure he died the most comfortable and least painful way possible George did not have the mental state to kill Lennie, Lennie Smalls to him is what some might call “a brother from another mother.” My client dedicated his life to ensure Lennie’s safety and well-being. For instance, Lennie once put George in the circumstance of having to flee a state and his job because Lennie committed a…show more content…
Consequently, because of this mental illness Lenny did not understand the full repercussions of what he did or the suffering it put him through. Based on this, my client realized that even if they ran away Lennie would still have to live with the painful effects of his illness. As a result, he performed the act of a mercy killing. A mercy killing is essentially an act by done one person designed to end the life of another who is suffering from extreme pain or an incurable illness. My client killed George out of love and compassion. It is no different from when friends or family members of people who are living off the support of ventilation or any other type of medical intervention decide to withdraw them from it. This is why I am calling you to judge my clients based on his motive not his actions. Thank
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