Lennie's Discrimination

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Jonh Steinbeck is the author and he uses discrimination in his book. He uses it on many people such as Lennie and Curleys wife. One of these people are mentally handicap and the other is a girl that is a hoe. He makes fun of both of them.

Next, we will talk about Lennie. Lennie is a retard and the author makes fun of him and pretty much makes it seem like retards make people's lives miserable. He shows that Lennie is making George's life suck so therefore he has discrimination against retards. “I could do a lot without you” George says this and that Lennie is holding him back.

Next, the author discriminates woman. Aunt clara says “He’d be off having fun at a whorehouse” this is total discrimination. The author is obviously talking down on girls calling them whores. Also with curley's wife she is a hoe and he makes that clear. There is not one girl in this book who is not a hoe.
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He always talks about how the black guy is going to get hung and he can’t sleep with the white people. He makes the white people sound like they are better than the black guy. This is racism and not right because you can’t do that.

Obviously, there is a lot of discrimination in the book “Of Mice and Men”. This is important because this may make people not like the author or the
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