Lennie's Wife Quotes

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Lennie cares about George. Lennie always wanted to be with George because, he needed a companion, but he may have trusted him a bit too much. “I turn to Lennie and say jump in and he jumps, couldn’t swim a stroke. He damn near drowned."(Steinbeck, 40) Lennie is dumb, but listens to George because he trusts him and Lennie gets hurt and doesn’t get mad at George. Lennie always wants to make George happy. "If it were here you could have some. I don’t want no ketchup." (Steinbeck, 11) Lennie always wants to give George everything he can and even when he has nothing he wants George to have some ketchup. Even when Lennie thinks George is mad at him, he still tries to find him. "Aint you gonna give me hell." (Steinbeck, 103) Lennie knew that George

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