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10. Lennox Lin Gives Patients Beautiful Smiles
In his Massachusetts dental practice, Lennox Lin D.M.D, offers services in orthodontics. This specialized field of dentistry involves the straightening and realigning of the teeth, for a better bite and a more appealing appearance. This change occurs through the wearing of braces, or systems that are similar to tooth braces. Long gone are the days where only adolescent children received orthodontics, according to Lennox Lin. In the last twenty years, orthodontics has become more popular in all age ranges. While many more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, the experts do recommend that braces are placed on younger persons, as their mouths are more malleable when still in the growth phase.
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with severe dental issues, he often recommends full mouth reconstruction. These procedures are more extreme than a few random fillings or caps, and will require multiple visits. Unlike the making and use of dentures, where the person 's teeth are removed and prosthetic teeth are applied, full mouth reconstruction revitalizes and renews the existing teeth in the mouth. This style of restorative dentistry uses science and aesthetic procedures to create straightened teeth, brighter smiles, and aligned bites. Crown or caps, are covers that are placed over the entire tooth. These are most often used when the tooth requires a filling that accounts for more than 50% of the entire tooth 's surface. Another tool used in the restoration process of full mouth reconstruction is the fixed dental bridge. When only one tooth is missing, or needs to be pulled due to decay, a fixed bridge may be a viable option. This only work if the teeth left on either side of the missing tooth are in good shape, as the bridge is permanently attached to the neighboring teeth. In situations where many teeth are missing, dental implants may be necessary. To achieve this, metal cylinders are drilled into the jaw bone, and act as anchors for dentures, bridges, or crowns. This is a more in-depth procedure, but one with very long lasting positive impact upon the patient. Lennox Lin will guide his patients toward the type of full mouth reconstruction that is best for their…show more content…
This field of dentistry is a mixture of cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive dentistry. When a patient has tooth issues stemming from oral health problems, such as tooth decay, the issues can become too overwhelming to correct through simple solutions. Restorations can take many forms, and include various types of dental procedures. Cosmetic dentures, otherwise known as a partial dental implant, are one form of restorative dentistry. A dentist, like Lennox Lin, will create a prosthetic dental implant that matches the surrounding teeth. This implant can be worn regularly, and the patient can eat and speak normally with the implant in place. Another common form of restorative dentistry is the dental crown and bridgework. These pieces are made using prosthetic materials that mimic the color and shape of the other teeth in the mouth. Crowns and caps are covers that are affixed over the tooth, while bridgework is a fully false tooth/teeth that is secured to neighboring healthy teeth. When a person has a cavity toward the front of the mouth, the dentist will use a composite material to fill the hole. While many interior fillings are rectified through a metal alloy filling, patients prefer the composite as it is a white color. Dentists prefer the composite as the very strong plastic resin is nearly unbreakable. A good dentist, like Lennox Lin,

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