Lenny Kooke Character Analysis

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You never fully realize what the consequences of your actions are going to be, how the decisions you are making in this moment are going to affect your future. We all make choices based on our knowledge, our background and previous experiences we have had. Coming from a background of hardship, Lenny Kooke made several choices that affected his life greatly. Thinking he had everything it took to make it to the NBA, he chose to take the money he was being offered and skip college; this decision altered the way his whole life played out. Nothing happened the way he was expecting it to, he didn’t get drafted for the NBA and ended up not playing basketball professionally at all. Lenny goes from being the number one pick to a regular basketball fan. Often in the film, Lenny gets faulted for choosing money over school, he gets faulted for not making it when in reality he did what any other seventeen year old in his position would have done. He was offered an amount of money that he had never even dreamed about get it, he took it and with it tended…show more content…
In his early life he finds he is very good at something but doesn’t take the time to discover his passion and decide what he really wants to be. He gets told very often how good he is, how he is going to make it to be a top player in the NBA and he never plans for failure. He is so sure of himself he doesn’t even see it as an option. In my opinion, everyone has an idea on how their life is going to play out, whether they will get married or not, have children or not, have a job in real estate or work as a successful film director. In this film we see how no matter how much we plan out our life and how sure we are of what will happen, things don’t turn out the way they do randomly. Our actions have consequences, every decision we make has a way of affecting the decisions we make later on, the way our life
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