Lenore In The Raven

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In the poem “The Raven” poe was feeling very emotional for the loss of Lenore. Basically he was expressing his feelings, and made his story very short about his dreary night in december. In line 31, it says “back into the chamber turning all my soul within me burning.” Poe starts to panic. He was thinking some scary thoughts now he feels like his soul is on fire. Again, nothing has really happened yet just a mysterious knock and the empty darkness outside. Someone in a better mental state might just head back and take a nap. This guy, though is already pretty unbalanced by his grief and his weird night. Just think how much worse it will get once he meets the talking bird.In line 74, he says “To the fowl whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom 's core”. Hes burning more and again, its hard for an outside observer to see exactly why our protagonist is so upset. On the other hand, he opens with…show more content…
He was an prolific poet, but his literary talents were discouraged by his headmaster who preferred that poe follow him in the family business.Poe went to the University of virginia in 1826, where he excelled in his classes, however , he did not receive enough funds from Allan to cover all of his costs, he turned to gambling to cover the difference, but ended up in debt. Most likely, poe life was horrible he went through a lot to get where he needed to be.To make his poems more better and more interesting he submitted stories to a number of magazines and they were all rejected. Poe had no friends, no job, and was in financial trouble. As a result, Poe always kept his dream. He never ever gave up on what he wanted to do whether he had no friends or no job he always kep striving for his greatness. He had a different life like the others. Poe life had many hardships that inspired his work. He did not look to any literary works for inspiration, and acted more from his imagination and the experiences he went through. Acting more as a literary inspiration for
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