Lenore The Raven

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The poem of the raven was written by Edgar Allen Poe in 1845. The poem depicts a man who lost a lady who was very special to him, by the name of Lenore. He became reclusive and grief stricken when he lost her, and shut himself up in his chamber room. He grew paranoid with the sounds around him, and continued to hope it was Lenore. Eventually a raven enters his room and perches on the bust of wisdom, the man grows hopeful that the bird brings a message from Lenore in the afterlife. But the bird only replies "nevermore". He grows frustrated with the bird over time and comes to the realization this bird is a demon who speaks the truth. That his soul will be lifted nevermore, because of the loss of his Lenore.

The raven is a symbol of many different
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The theme is stated above as; if you dwell on the ones you have lost or what could have been, your grief and inner demons will consume you, because it is not wise to wallow in grief and pity.

The raven symbolises many things depending on the culture. The general idea is that raven’s represent death, darkness, messages from the god’s (specifically pluto) and, the underworld. The raven was used as a symbol in this poem because, it is first assumed that the bird is a messenger of lenore's from the underworld (we can not fully assume that she is dead, but it is the most probable cause of her absence). It later shifts to the bird being a demon sent to torment the man and telling him lenore is no more and she did not make it to heaven. It then shifts to the final idea that all along this bird is an oracle here to tell him he will forever be consumed with his grief. The connotations associated with the raven play into the raven’s purpose in the poem.

To close the raven is a critical piece of the poem (hence it’s titled “The Raven”) of the poem, and the poem would not get the theme across without
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