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Then, the company continue their internalization in 2011 by forming a joint venture with NEC from Japan and at the same year, Lenovo also did an acquisition with Medion, a PC and consumer electronics company based in Germany. The internalization of the company continued in Brazil whereas Lenovo acquires CCE, a leading consumer electronic company in Brazil. (Www3.lenovo.com, 2016) Lenovo has also been distributing their product through ECS ASTAR Sdn Bhd (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECS ICT Bhd) in country like Malaysia. (Ecsm.com.my,…show more content…
Price • Lenovo has been following IBM’s pricing strategy which is the price skimming • Lenovo has been using the strategy by setting the range of the laptops from $24500 to $54000 and there are also several high models which cost more than $100000. Promotion • The sponsorship of the Olympic Games in Torino and Beijing has helped it to build a global brand (Chuanjiao, 2008). • It has also participated in Formula 1, NBA and World Golf championships. • In 2006, Lenovo appointed a famous football player Ronaldinho as its global brand Ambassador. (China view, 2006). • help in the increase sales and market share because people all over the world have passion for football and generally • celebrity endorsements help to develop a company on an international scale Place • After Lenovo 's acquisition of IBM 's PC division, the company is able to sell their products in the emerging markets through IBM 's wide distribution network. • There a few ways of distributing the product used by the company which are marketed directly to consumers, and also to small and medium scale businesses and large companies. • Able to distribute product to wider

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