Lenovo Marketing Internalization

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1.0 Introduction The main objectives of this report is to identify and critically evaluate the strategies used by a chosen Multinational Company (MNC) to internationalize. Firstly, this report will clearly analyzed the current internalization strategies that being used by the chosen Multinational Company (MNC) which is Lenovo Group Limited and its correlation with the theory of internalization. Secondly, a critical analysis of the internalization strategies including the internalization marketing mix of the company and the PESTLE aliening will also be analyzed in this report. 1.1 Background of the case The chosen company is Lenovo Group Limited which is a multinational technology company that is headquartered in Beijing, China. Established…show more content…
As for Lenovo, the product they produced is standardized which means that when the product undergo the process of internalization, no changes is being made to the product. Before the acquisition of Lenovo and IBM, the original products from Lenovo fall under the Idea and Value line or called the Essential line in some countries. These products are the traditional Lenovo products before the acquisition of the ThinkPad from IBM. However, when the acquisition of Lenovo and IBM occurs in 2005, it also brought about the acquisition of the IBM 's personal computer which included the IBM 's popular ThinkPad laptops range in 2005. The ThinkPad has for years been standardized all over the world with the same shape and colors. The impact of the acquisition to the product which is the ThinkPad laptops is the increase of the recognition of the product. This is because, before the acquisition of Lenovo and IBM, the ThinkPad only be recognized by the US market only, but after the acquisition, the recognition has expanded to…show more content…
After the acquisition of Lenovo with IBM, advertising is one of the promotional act that Lenovo has been using. As for example, Lenovo has been involved in sponsorships of major sports events worldwide in recent years. Its sponsorship of the Olympic Games in Torino and Beijing has helped it to build a global brand (Chuanjiao, 2008). It is the first Chinese brand to sponsor the Olympics games. It has also participated in Formula 1, NBA and World Golf championships. In 2006, Lenovo appointed a famous football player Ronaldinho as its global brand Ambassador. The deal will see the player promoting the brand in more than 100 countries worldwide (China view,

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