Lenovo Marketing Strategy

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American marketing expert Richard, 1964 (1964) the marketing concept, it is an integrated, comprehensive use of marketing personnel and optimize all kinds of controllable factors to achieve their marketing goals. Success and complete marketing activities means that the appropriate product, reasonable price, appropriate channels and appropriate means of promotion the company 's products and services into a particular market. According to the theory of marketing, we will be following Lenovo marketing strategy based on the case study of the target market to choose the Lenovo.
Target Marketing Choice of Lenovo
At present, Lenovo in the target market selection should consider the following factors: 1 strong brand awareness, advanced the concept of
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Customer focus gradually from product quality and price control of energy consumption, frequency and quiet Technology. So Lenovo 's market position should be transformed to meet the needs of the consumers. Lenovo is the origin of Chinese create famous brand, the existing content can continue to exist, to support the strategic choice of Lenovo.
“Protect and Attack”
As the name suggests, this strategy combines both defensive and offensive elements. In defense, Lenovo attempts to establish China success, currently occupy the dominant position, China (and the world) before the attack. Lenovo computer. The supplier is committed to the development of international asset acquisitions and emerging markets to expand sales.
In the implementation of this strategy, Lenovo with two interrelated business models by Lenovo executives as their "business" and "relationship" business model.
The transaction model emphasizes the retail sales to consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, directly (through online and physical stores Lenovo) and indirectly through distributors and
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From the strategic marketing theory and application research, we can see that Lenovo is not competitive rival marketing strategy, only the market share, but Lenovo must choose the target market and market positioning, this position must have a marketing strategy for the development and construction of long-term competitive advantage must support, help enterprises find a way out of a large number of enterprises the development of complex and competitive market environment. Obviously, the marketing strategy is the only way to face the market economy and the new changes of Lenovo and market and its marketing strategy and operation. If Lenovo "protection and attack" strategy is successful, the company will need to continue to defend China and global personal computer market leadership, while expanding the emerging market foothold and the "personal computer" product categories, such as intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer. But the long-term potential of Lenovo 's strategy is to view Few people can deny that companies have taken an important step in recent
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