Lenovo's Advertising Campaign

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Lenovo are using advertising. Advertising is one of important things to promote the product. Television commercial, radio advertisement, newspapers advertisement, magazines advertisement, billboards and transit cards such as advertisement on buses and taxis and at the bus stops. Lenovo use one of the advertising such as television commercials. Lenovo have a lots of television commercials such as Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro that promote the tablet that can replace your television. Yoga Tab 3 Pro is the ultimate entertainment tablet. Lenovo are using public relations. Public relations is one important things to promote the product. Public relations helps the Lenovo to communicate with customers, suppliers, stockholders, government officials, employees…show more content…
Sales promotion is marketing communication activities, in which a short-term incentive to motivates consumers of the distribution channel to purchase a good immediately, either by lowering the price or by adding value. Lenovo used promotions tools such as coupons, instant savings and online rebates. Lenovo is informing, persuading and reminding customers of Lenovo’s product that are available choices in market. The Lenovo also used promotion blend such as campaigning, designing, branded content, retail experience, strategic engagement and partnership to remind Lenovo about increasing its brand awareness. Lenovo has a special birthday rewards program for Lenovo’s employee is emailed on the 1st day of the month prior to their birthday and asking the employee to log on onto Lenovo website to order their gift online. Sales promotion are important part to influences…show more content…
Social media are promotion tools used to facilitate conversations among people online. Lenovo used social media tools such as Lenovo’s blogging, Lenovo’s forums, Google Ad Words, Google Analytics, other social media such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, type pad, wordpress.com, and del.icio.us. Lenovo’s blogging is a platform for Lenovo to promote their product around the world, so that community can know and recognize the Lenovo brand. After that, the purpose of Lenovo’s forums is same as well as Lenovo’s blogging. While, Google Ad Words is an advertising platform used to generate traffic to Lenovo’s website which in turn would help in generating leads or sales whatever Lenovo’s objective, is from the website. Google Analytics can help Lenovo analyze the customer data in real time on when community visits Lenovo site, when community visit and on what pages. Google Analytics is good for Lenovo to measure the performance of content by tracking where users visit and will give Lenovo an idea of what is working and where improvement is needed. Lenovo can used other social media as an advertising platform to get closer and friendly to the customers because Lenovo’s can reply their customer’s insecure about Lenovo product through Facebook and twitter. Lenovo can do the advertisement through YouTube because the majority of

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