Lenovo Tab 3-850f Case Study

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LENOVO TAB 3 – 850F IN-DEPTH REVIEW THE PERFECT FAMILY DEVICE Lenovo is a well known Chinese-American company that has been a market leader in manufacturing electronic devices such as personal computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets and laptops etc. It was found way back in 1984 as “Legend” and has since acquired many leading business. Lenovo has operations in over 60 countries and sells products worldwide. Lenovo announced Lenovo Tab 3-850F sometime before. Lenovo Tab 3-850F is a tablet PC from Lenovo and it is the perfect blend of good looks and usability. It is well designed and has all the features that will make it the best for everyone in a family. The aesthetically designed hardware and the software make Lenovo Tab 3-850F perfect for entertainment as well as educational purposes. In this article, we will be analysing the features of the Lenovo Tab 3-850F Tablet-PC. Let us dive right in. Aesthetically designed It is well known that Lenovo always produces quality devices and Lenovo Tab 3-850F is no different. It takes the form of a slab with slightly rounded edges. The light hint of dark blue and light blue bordering the black and white Lenovo Tab 3-850F respectively add to the rich look and feel. Lenovo has adopted a “less is more” design for the back panel of Lenovo Tab 3-850F which has minimalistic design features. Although it is made of plastic, it provides a solid grip and feels robust. HD Display: Lenovo Tab 3-850F has an 8.0 inch display with moderate bezels.

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