Lenox Sonnet 10

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BLACK SCREEN...MELANCHOLY singing... LENNOX 's angelic voice is heard, murmuring, tinged with sorrow and agony:LENNOX (V.O.)The universe is unbalanced: I sense it in the heavens, I sense it in edge, I feel it in the abyss... Much immortal lands once was is now a mortal wasteland, for what is left of it and live, must reconcile it.FADE IN:EXT. Deep SpaceA SONIC BOOM, flickering starlight. The universe comes into existence, golden angelic beings flying to The Golden City of Polus, the brightest of them all. Apollo, is the creator of the universe.LENNOX (V.O.)It all began with angelic allegiance to Apollo, the creator of the primordial universe.The world floating in a black abyss separated by the ethers, the crystal ice walls surrounding domes,…show more content…
PROLOGUE - DAYLENNOX (V.O.)The creator mends the walls with his mighty powers.Ethers are closed shut by burst of energy, we are flying through the ether into Osaka, and to the Garden of Ether, where all life forms and enters through the world 's portals.LENNOX (V.O.)Life follows through the river of life... life is created and destroyed... journey to center of the world is put through a gruesome test through the immortal lands of Osaka.EXT. world - ETHER EDGE - DAYThe back to the ether edge, it is cold, cloudy, dark, hazy, volcanic. Life must go through quakes, wind, fires, and floods to reach the portals, a slaughter and bloodbath.EXT. world - BLOOD RIVER - DAYVaporizing life, red blood flowing in the river.LENNOX (V.O.)The incumbent Apollo unseal the portals feeding the world life... One day creation became congested, and Apollo sealed the
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