Lenox Tillman In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Lenox Tillman
Lenox Tillman a twenty years old female from Atlanta, Georgia. Her focus is to become a model in the industry. However, she tried and she is trying to accomplish her goals. She was first seen on the reality show named Americas Next top Model in cycle 21, the show which aired in August 2014. She is a very sweet young woman but lack in determination. She tried to be famous and tried to become the model for that particular show. On the show she was very shy, she never wanted to try anything, and she was still in an egg shell. In simple words she is not ready to become a model because she doesn’t have good qualities in her that a model should have. On the top of everything knowing that she cannot do model she made it to top 4 and then got eliminated. It was Surprising to watch that when she made it to top 4 and got famous for nothing. There were several people on the show those who could have made to top 4.

Mr. Darcy
Fitzwilliam Darcy also known as Mr. Darcy is the central character in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. He is a romantic hero in the novel. Jane Austen describes him clearly a rude conceited nobleman but later on in the story he turns into
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He conducts his magic show every year in Sugarland Town Center. I have been to his shows. I have been going to his magic shows with my little cousin from past three years now. The first year when I saw his magic tricks it was awesome and the crowd was off the chain. Second year I thought he is doing the same technique and by the end of his show half of the ground was empty and people started to disappear constantly. Third year when I went to his show I heard people talking bad about him that he has been repeating his magic techniques again and again and sadly even the kids didn’t wanted to attend his show. So he started off very well and got famous he still famous people still value him but he doesn’t have any interesting qualities

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