Lenses On Reading: An Introduction To Theories And Modelsis An Excellent Read?

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Lenses on Reading:An Introduction to Theories and Modelsis an excellent read. The authors bring a lot of useful information to not only the field of education but to the classroom. Throughout the book, the authors provided vignettes to show theoretical models in action which gives the reader a visual of how the theoretical model can be applied. The layout of the chapters was in chronological order which is was also helpful. The layout shows the reader the development of literacy theories from Early Theories and Models Applicable to Reading through the 21st century. It was interesting to see some of the theories overlapping each other and some of the theories were developed upon by other scholars. For example, the Schema Theory was developed further by Louise Rosenblatt’s Transactional Theory.
Background of Authors Both authors Diane H. Tracey, EdD. and Lesley Mandel Morrow, PhD. are well respected figures in the education field.The authors bring clarification to the theoretical models that can be used in classrooms. Dr. Tracey is Associate Professor Education at Kean University. She serves as Secretary of the Literacy Research Association and coeditor of Journal of School Connections. Dr. Tracey currently is a literacy coach for New Jersey school districts (Tracey &
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I also had parental involvement in mind as well. It is very important that parents are aware of the challenges that occur inside the classroom. The book has left a positive impression on me and I feel like I have taken a lot of useful information from the book that I can one day apply to my own

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