Production Process Of Lenses Essay

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Production process.
The manufacturing of spectacles involves the production of lenses as well as frames. Production Process of Lenses:
There are different machines used for making lenses. These machines are very expensive. In US dollars their prices range from $500 upto $7000. Lenses are manufactured in four basic parts:
1. Casting-lenses are produced from raw chemicals using a chemical process.
2. Moulding-lens material is reshaped by pressure and heat into the finished or semi-finished lens form.
3. Multi-part systems-These are systems such as laminating and fusing, where two or more pieces are joined to form the final lens (e.g. used glass bifocals).
4. Surfacing- The lens materials already exist and cutting and/or grinding and polishing is used to create the lens form.
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Lenses are visually checked for scratches, chips, rough edges, or other blemishes.
3. The optical prescription is visually checked before the lenses are viewed in the lensometer, and the optics are verified while the lenses are in the lensometer.
4. Frame alignment is measured and verified with a ruler.

Production Process of Frames:
As seen in lenses, there are several machines used in the making of frames as well. All the frames are generally manufactured in China. The production of a plastic frame goes through the process of blocking, polishing and beveling. Frames too have a long production procedure.
1. It goes through the procedure of die-cutting.
2. After that the temples are made. The two side arms that curve around the ears are called temples.
3. This is followed by finishing the fronts that is attaching the hinges to the frame.
4. The final step is finishing up the temples that is shaping and styling the eyeglasses.
Spectacle frame manufacturing equipment price ranges from $10,000 upto $45,000. Whereas the laser cutting machine or metal cutting equipment price ranges from $10,000 upto $20,000.There is a lot of cost incurred in the production process of

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