Lenski's Influence On Society

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Lenski conducted a study on the amount of technology owned by a society and the manner by which a society could undergo changes and evolve through such technology. Lenski looks at human society like a changing process where the level of innovation and transmissions, as well as advances in technology is all involved in a society. He further comes up with the idea that through technology, evolvement, change, and survival can be ushered into societies.
Hunters have been in existence ever since human life began. These hunters are nomads who have been dependent on food and fiber readily available from nature. The males, in practically all societies engage in hunting and gathering, and go after large games like as deer, elk, moose, or whatever they could lay their hands on in the weather condition that they live in. The females and children, on the other hand, go after gathering of plant vegetation and berries, together with other small eatable items. The building of society is anchored on kinship because of lack
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These individuals are simply animal herders whose sustenance is met with the resources that readily obtained from their animals. These individuals also engage with other groups in small-scale trading and selling. Social inequality is created through the expansion of productive technology.
Agricultural societies began with the coming together of larger populations of people, resulting in settlements and the quest for large-scale farming, resulting in the use of improved and advanced technologies such as fertilizers and irrigation systems. It is possible for Agrarian societies to create massive food surpluses and make it possible to grow to an unimaginable size. This results in increases in occupational specialization and emerging of money, as well as social life becoming more individualistic and impersonal, with inequality much more

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