Leo Burnett Case Study

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“The greatest thing to be achieved in advertising, in my opinion, is believability, and nothing is more believable than the product itself.”- LEO BURNETT… Introduction: It′s not only the work that defines Leo Burnett, but also its people. Leo Burnett India is a full service advertising agency that offers end to end solutions to clients for their brands. This includes campaigns across mass media and below the line (including digital and activation). It’s part of the Leo Burnett Group worldwide. Leo Burnett India also has Arc Worldwide (our below the line arm) and Orchard Advertising(our second agency). They have offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Leo Burnett is a truly integrated creative agency and strongly believes that a great idea can come from anywhere. History: Leo Burnett was one of the most highly regarded admen of all time, even named by Time Magazine as one of the ‘100 Most Influential People’ of the 20th century. Born in 1891, Burnett studied journalism at the University of Michigan in 1914, and then worked with a string of media companies and as a copy-writer. After a while, however, he decided if he was to amount to anything in the advertising business, we would need to strike out on his own, and in 1935, at the height of the Great Depression, he set up his own agency in Chicago, with only eight employees. To brighten up the place, the receptionist set out a bowl of apples. When word got around Chicago that Leo Burnett was serving apples to his

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