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The Child Of Hephaestus In the novel The Lost Hero, a son of Hephaestus has to uncover his skill, or risk the life of his team and goal of his quest. Leo, is a demigod gifted with the talent of building and has the control of fire. He is placed with two other demigods, named Piper and Jason, and given a quest to save Hera. With little about his abilities, Leo slowly learns to use his talent to benefit his friends. Leo is a hero because he is inexperienced but has a special ability of building, he suffers from the memory of his mother’s death, and meets monsters during his journey. Leo is an unexperienced demigod, a person who has not fought battles or slayed monsters on quests, but has the knowledge and skill to overcome challenges. Leo…show more content…
The cyclops capture his friends and plan to eat them. Leo has to face them, trying to defeat three giant man-eating cyclops, and show little fear against his threat: “She stood about twenty feet from him now, next to the cooking fire. Her fists were clenched, her teeth bared (76).” In this quote, Leo faces a giant cyclops mother, trying to cook his friends and kill him. He faces it with bravery and gets hit by flying hot coals without injury, being immune to fire, and defeats the cyclops, freeing his companions. Leo has a loyal band of friends he will look up to and care for, and they will protect him and work together to accomplish their goal. In conclusion, The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan, states the adventure of Jason, Piper, and Leo to save Hera. He finds the bravery within himself to face something no matter what the means. Leo faces his old memories and uses them as motivation to make things better as he goes on. Finally, he shows his powers of fire and building by capturing a dragon and using it to his team’s advantage. Leo shows loyalty to his friends, emotions about his mother, and intelligence and talent in his own way. He not only uses his abilities to protect himself, but to help and defend those he cares
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