Leo M Frank Case Study

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The case of Leo M Frank (Frank) was one that was highly publicized and caught the attention of many government officials. Frank was a twenty-nine year old Jewish man, who was also the superintendent at National Pencil Company in Atlanta, Georgia. Frank was a man that was murdered two years later after being wrongfully accused and convicted of raping and murdering a young girl by the name of Mary Phagan (Mary). Mary also worked that the pencil factory. It is said that Frank was the last person to see Mary alive. In this paper I will briefly explain the what tled to the last night of Frank’s life. I will also explain the case of the State of Georgia vs Leo M Frank.
Mary was a thirteen year old girl and was the child of tenant farmers who moved to Atlanta for financial gain. In April 26, 1913 Mary went to the pencil factory to pick up her paycheck for the hours worked that week from Frank. On April 27, 1913 around three in the morning Mary’s body was discovered in the basement of
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During the investigation of Mary’s murder there were two notes that were discovered. (Photos of the notes attached.) The notes claimed that a tall black person committed the crime, while the other suggest that the person who wrote the notes was forced to write them to throw suspicion away from the actual murder. There was also some physical evidence such as, human feces at the bottom of the elevator shaft. It is said that the investigation into Mary’s murder was very sloppy. The police left untested bloody fingerprints that were on the door and on Mary’s jacket. The police came up with a theory in which Mary was murdered in a workroom near Frank’s office. Although the police first focused their attention on the nightwatchman Lee the coroner’s work began to make the police think that it was Frank who was the true

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