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The constellation I have chosen for this assignment is Leo Major. I 've chosen it mostly because of previous studies I have done on it. Leo, being one of twelve zodiacs, is located in between Cancer (to the west) and Virgo (to the east). Its name originates from the Latin root for "lion". The ancient Greeks represented it as the Nemean lion that was killed by Hercules as on of his "twelve labors". Second century astronomer Ptolemy identified it as one of the first fourty-eight constellations and it is still one of the modern eighty-eight today. Containing many bright stars, Leo is one of the most easily recognizable of the constellations.

The creation myth of Leo or "Leo the lion" is normally attributed an ancient story of Hercules and
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Wandering away from the pack, he set off on a journey to raise himself and prove himself to other animals. Teaching himself how to hunt, find shelter, and guard his territory, he became one of the most fierce of all lions. Whilst travelling to a new territory, he met the Nemean lion. He has heard so much about him from the pack and immediately befriended him. They both set off on a journey but they soon get word that Nemean is to be killed. Both not believing it, they continued on their journey. They stopped at a cave with two enterances to rest for a few days. Three days later, the Neamean lion goes off to hunt while the lion slept in the cave. The Neaman lion was later than expected but the lion didn 't really dwell on the thought. Soon he hears his roars and a rock being rolled in front of one of the entrances; he runs to help the Nemean lion but is too late and the intruder is gone. He was now destined to get revenge of the killer (Hercules) of his only friend. He follows Hercules to the heavens where he is to claim his prize from Zeus. The lion went unseen for the trip there but is spotted by Zeus and is sent into the heavens above the heavens where he turned into a series of stars, named
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