Leo Tolstoy: The Meaning Of Life

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That is our choice the way we live our temporary life and the way we make it meaningful for ourselves What is the meaning of life? Why we exist here? What are we living for? These questions are asked, discussed and argued by many philosophers around the world to look for a significance of people’s living or existence in general. In “My confession”, Leo Tolstoy also discussed about this philosophical matter. In this essay, he mentions how he comes up with the question, how this question bothers him, how he is looking for an answer and what will he get at the end. According to one side of knowledge, Tolstoy answers the question, what the meaning of his life was, that, “ ... you are a temporal, accidental conglomeration of particles. The interrelation,…show more content…
It is not wrong that we are scientifically composed by different chemical particles. These particles will gradually decompose when we die. It is the end. At that time, as Tolstoy mentions, life will be no more and all the questions will be no longer necessary. If we are just a composition of particles that accidentally created, and we know that after sometimes we will be no more, the particles will be disintegrated, then why should we look for an answer for the question "What is the meaning of our life?" (11). We are a random occurrence, and everything will return where it starts. Death. We live knowing that death will come, but we do not know when, where and how. If having wealth, fame, family, love, happiness or enjoying doing my favourite things is the meaning of my life, today I’m trying my best to get those things, I cannot be sure that I can still be alive to get it or enjoy it tomorrow. If being useful to other people is the meaning of my life, remember everyone will have the same outcome, it is death, and every work will pass off. All those things are also temporary and uncertain. Should I live my temporary and limited life lean on temporary and uncertain things? Moreover, if it’s like this, all the
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