Obituary Of Leo Tolstoy In Indian Opinion

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Gandhi even wrote an Obituary of Leo Tolstoy in Indian Opinion (1910) : “Tolstoy is not dead; he lives through the lives of his innumerable followers throughout the world. We firmly believe that, as time rolls on, his teaching will more and more permeate mankind. Though a devout Christian, he truly interpreted not only Christianity, but he likewise gave a realistic presentation on the substance underlying the great world religions, and he has shown as no other teacher, at any rate in Europe, has shown how present-day civilisation, based as it is on brute force, is a negation of the divinity in man, and how, before man can realise his manhood, he must substitute brute force by love in all his actions.
Tolstoy in an exchange of letters with Gandhi says the following: “I have received your Journal Indian Opinion and I am happy to know all that is written on non-resistance. I wish to communicate to you the thoughts which are aroused in me by
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Leo Tolstoy, though being a writer was successful in guiding many freedom fighters into the abode of peace. He was instrumental in taking out Extremism single handedly and made a revolutionary slide in establishing peaceful fare into resistances both in Literature and in then Contemporary situation. He shaped Mahatma’s ideology in such a way that he successfully ousted apartheid out of South Africa and entered India only to repeat his performance. British never expected the freedom fighters to be so soft and smooth in their approach and this method of resistance succeeded in freeing India from the clutches of British rule and made Gandhi a Mahatma. The underlying fact here is that Leo Tolstoy had a virtually sound hand in invoking the idea of peace and non-violence in Gandhi and even Gandhi himself admitted to this. Leo Tolstoy may be a page in Gandhi’s life but that page helped in making an entire history book for
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