Leon Grandma Character Analysis

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Leona was an African-American woman who lived on Gibb Street. Starting her story with a reminiscence about her grandma, Leona gave us some evidence for a better understanding of her character’s traits. Her grandma was a determined and motivated person who did not trust in any doctors, but herself. As similar as her grandma, Leona was determined and straightforward in all what she did. Once she decided to remove all the trash from the lot, she strives to attain the desired result. Since the lot was full of trash and there was no place to plant new seeds, Leona decided to clean it up to have a spot to plant goldenrod. By doing that, Leona would show the respect and devotion to her granny and that patch of goldenrod will be a symbol of health and longevity as it was for her grandma. Finding the way for removing the trash from the vacant lot, wasn’t an easy job for her, but she tried her best and got it done. Being a person who knew all about complaining to the authorities, she decided to take a role and started dialing numbers on the phone. After three days of calling different departments, she wasn’t disappointed when no one responded to her. That was the reason why she decided to go in person to the Public Health Department. To make herself more…show more content…
Usually, she takes the role to help people and isn’t afraid of the failure. As same as Leona, she is determined and never gives up. When the time came to make necessary repairs to the water system in our neighborhood, my mom was the person who went to different departments and solved that problem. Every day, after she finished her work, she went straight to the City Hall and waited for hours to talk with somebody. Since she was persistent and determined, she achieved the desired result. After a few weeks, we received an answer from the authorities that our water system will be fixed. It wasn’t easy at all, but thanks to my mom we have a new water system
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