Leonard Clough: A Short Story

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A lost job was the beginning of a series of unfortunate events in the stark life of Leonard Clough. Throughout the town of Philadelphia a rumor was spreading of hard times that were soon to come. Leonard was not sure of these rumors, but was quickly enlightened with the truth of this matter.
Leonard needed a new job, and thought the hardships were localized, so he purchased a bus ticket to go cross-country and headed to the bank to take what money he had left. Upon arriving at the bank, Leonard was faced with even more disaster. The bank would not allow an withdrawals. His money was gone, his job was gone, and the only thing he had of value was a bus ticket to San Francisco.
Leonard’s rent was almost up in his small apartment. Leonard’s last option as to stick with his plan of moving to California in hope of finding a job. His departure was unnoticed. Companionship has never been Leonard’s strong point. In fact, he had no legitimate friends at all.
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Continuing the bad spell in his life, he hadn't found work as he thought, and was stuck living under the pier with a small group of other people with large ambitions. These people, much like him, were looking for a better life but more importantly work.
These individuals were initially unwelcoming. The fires in which they lit were not offered to Leonard. He was now an outcast of the outcasts. Those whom he expected to the most welcoming were not. He had reached an all time low. He dreamed of a life in which he was wanted and perhaps even
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