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Leonard Cohen, a well-known Canadian singer, songwriter, novelist and poet, experienced a large and purposeful life containing an unforgettable career and countless accomplishments. As a teenager, his passion for the arts flourished and he began developing his own work. He later graduated from a university in Montreal and moved to a well-known city to begin his career. Cohen began writing pieces for himself and other popular artists. He co-wrote the soundtrack to a musical film and continued to release countless albums. Leonard Cohen has received a page full of awards as a result of creating and releasing a hand-full of songs and albums. He continues to release his work today. As of 2008, Cohen’s name has been sitting in the Rock and Roll Hall…show more content…
He began writing songs for popular artists and became well-known himself for his writing skills. Along with being a singer/songwriter, Cohen continued to write poetry and fiction novels during this time. He then worked on co-writing the soundtrack to the musical film, Night Magic. This film encompasses one of his most popular hits of all times, Hallelujah. Many people have covered this ever so popular song and some have even received wide acclaim for it. This famous song, Hallelujah, was released in 1984 on Cohen’s album, Various Positions. After this huge accomplishment, Cohen then continued to release many albums. To this very day, the famous icon continues to write, sing, and even tour. This following quote from one of his pieces of poetry is a great example of Cohen’s uniqueness and determination. “For you I will be a Dachau Jew and lie down in lime with twisted limbs and bloated pain no mind can understand” From “The Spice-Box of Earth”. Here is a quote written by Cohen which is also a great representation of who he is and who he has become as an artist, poet, singer and songwriter. Any startling piece of work has a subversive element in it, a delicious element often. Subversion is only disagreeable when it manifests in political or social activity. –

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