Leonard Nimoy Analysis

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Compare and contrasting the lives of Leonard Nimoy and Brent Spiner Both of these amazing actors: Brent Spiner and Leonard Nimoy starred in Star Trek over there lives but there lives are different in many ways. The three ways are: Early life/childhood, Career before and after Star Trek, and there Personal lives. Leonard Nimoy and Brent Spiner have different early lives and some similarities from childhood. Leonard Nimoy was born in 1931 to Max and Dora Nimoy in Boston Massachusetts. He is the youngest brother and he has only one brother. Brent Spiner was born 1949 to his birth parents Sylvia and Jack Spiner in Houston Texas. Brent's father died when he was only 10 months old . Because of this , his mother remarried and her new husband (Brent’s stepfather)…show more content…
They may play similar characters but that does not mean they are the same. Leonard Nimoy has been married twice and from his first marriage came his two kids: Julie who was born first and Adam a year later. In 1987, the divorce on his wife's : Sandra on her 56th birthday. He later married an actress named Susan Bay on 1988 and she had a previous relationship with a son named Aaron which became Leonard’s stepson. Leonard took Aaron and raised him as his own even though they are not blood, they did not care. Brent Spiner was married and still is married to Loree Mcbride which he has one son with Jackson in 2002. On thing both leonard and brent have in common is they both wear glasses. Brent spiner is also the godfather of Gates McFadden's son which he has been best friends with for years. Leonard Nimoy’s best friend William Shatner he considers him a brother and william's daughters call him Uncle Leonard. Zachary Quinto Considered him a father like figure and looks up to him. Brent Spiner been nominated for Best Actor but did not receive it, he did how ever received a Saturn Award for best supporting actor in Star Trek First
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