Leonard Peltier Speech Analysis

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I have no guilt In 1970, the FBI were targeting the leaders of Native Americans Movement to weaken the power they established as the FBI were scared of the unity and togetherness of the Native Americans. Racesim and discrimination at this time were still an issue for the non-white people including Native Americans. On june 1, 1977, one of the great member of the American Indian movement, Leonard Peltier was convicted and sentenced to two consecetive term of life imprisonment for first-degree murder in the shooting of two Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) agents during conflict on the pine Ridge Indian Reservation Pine on 1975. Mr. Peltier was born on September 12, 1944 in Dakota. He is one of the greatest Native American Activist. As of right…show more content…
activist helps to cover up what the government's own evidence showed…….Fifth, I stand before you as a proud man; I feel no guilt! I have done nothing to feel guilty about! I have no regrets of being a Native American activist.” Mr peltier’s elaboration of the situation by order helps him prove that there is actually no evidence to support that he is the guilty one here. Even after he confidently explains that he has been framed by the judges and the FBI, the people of jury still believed that he is guilty. Mr Peltier emphesize that every evidence they collected leads to conclusion that he is innocent.
In the end of his speech, Mr Peltier uses repitation of “ I am not” to remind the people of jury and the judges that he is not guilty whatsoever: “No, I'm not the guilty one here; I'm not the one who should be called a criminal”. Mr Peltier then proceed to deepen the Ethos of his message by expressing his perception of the judges decision: “I have done nothing to feel guilty about!”. Even if the judges plead him guilty, he will not feel guilty at all because he knows that he has not murdered
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