Leonardo Da Vinci: A Biography Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci was a famous artist and scholar, during the Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci is best known for his painting, the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci was a famous Italian painter, sculptor, engineer, inventor, architect, and a studier of all things scientific. Leonardo da Vinci was self-educated. While he is mostly recognized as an artist, there are many other areas he excelled in, making him the perfect example of a “Renaissance Man.” Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452, to an unwedded peasant woman named Caterina and a Florentine notary, named Ser Piero. He was raised by his father and stepmother (“Leonardo da Vinci,” According to Jason Stegall, “[Leonardo was] born illegitimate and middle class in…show more content…
About 10 years later, Leonardo started painting his first instructed work, for Florence’s San Donato, entitled the “Adoration of the Magi” (Leonardo da Vinci,” Da Vinci never finished that work, because he moved to Milan. There da Vinci worked for the ruling Sforza clan, allowing him to utilize his wide range of skills, such as sculpting, designing, painting, and engineering. Leonardo da Vinci saw no division between science and the arts, in fact, he felt the two subjects were connected, which was a common thought process during the Renaissance period. Da Vinci was asked to make a large statue along with the help of others which took 12 years to complete. It was 16 feet tall and made of bronze. Unfortunately, in 1499 the statue had to be repurposed when the ruling Sforza duke lost power due to…show more content…
At the age of 67, Leonardo da Vinci died on May 2, 1519, at Cloux; he continued with his studies up until his death (Ibid). The site of his burial was destroyed during the French Revolution, so da Vinci’s grave site cannot be found to this day. In the years since his death, journals filled with ideas, observations, drawings, notes, and theories have emerged. According to Ludwig Heydenreich, “Many of his artistic and architectural designs and inventions were widely disseminated within or soon after his lifetime.” All of these findings prove why da Vinci embodies the term “Renaissance Man.” The name “Renaissance Man” is defined as a person with many talents or areas of knowledge. Leonardo da Vinci was a thriving painter, sculptor, engineer, architect, and inventor. His interest in science combined with his artistic abilities made him the perfect example of a “Renaissance Man.” Da Vinci was a famous artist and scholar, during the Italian Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci’s wealth of knowledge was self-taught. After almost 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci’s death, his work is still highly favored to this day. Works
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