Leonardo Da Vinci Accomplishments

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Leonardo da Vinci: A man of the Renaissance From artwork to science and engineering, Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most important figures in human development. His bright mind and magnificent imagination led him to be considered one of the world's most significant artists. More often than not he is only credited for his astounding pieces of artwork, however there is much more that he provided. Leonardo da Vinci should be considered one of the most important figures in human history simply because he helped the world progress in many subjects including but not limited to engineering, the arts, and the sciences. To commence, Leonardo da Vinci was a master at his works even at a young age. At just fourteen years old, Leonardo was apprenticed …show more content…

However, that is very far from the truth. Da Vinci also made prints in the world of architecture as well. He designed “Buildings, bridges, castles, and cathedrals and his sketches included intricate details of elements like doors, windows, staircases, and walkways” (Kulkarni). But he didn’t stop there, he also designed whole cities with the help of the ideologies from early city planners as well as his own imagination for greatness (Kulkarni). It should be noted that the difference between this field of work da Vinci did and the rest of the work he did was that he actually got paid to work for somebody. The Duke of Milan kept Leonardo busy for nearly seventeen years building elaborate court festivals, buildings, weapons, and other types of machinery (Museum of Science). During this time, Leonardo would go on to construct everything from “Churches to fortresses” (Museum of Science). However, the Duke of Milan fell from power in 1499 and Leonardo no longer had any work to do. After, Leonardo moved back to Florence and from there on he worked for himself creating masterpieces he had previously been working on in his prior years, until his death on May 2,

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