Leonardo Da Vinci And Martin Luther's Influence On Our World

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These two names are well known in history. Leonardo Da Vinci and Martin Luther have both had a great influence on our world today. They have both had their own effect on the world,but Martin Luther had a bigger effect. He influenced the people of his time, as well as their religious beliefs, his work stills affects the people of today. Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452. He lived with his father, an attorney and notary, when he was growing up. Leonardo’s father noticed his talents and intelligence early and helped Leonardo become an apprentice to the famous painter, Andrea Del Verrocchio. Martin Luther was born on the 10th of November, 1483. Martin lived with his abusive parents and his siblings. Due to the fact his family was wealthy and well respected he attended many schools for education, including a strict Latin school, a boarding school, and law school.…show more content…
This famous work of art is now shown in The Vatican. His painting has inspired many artists and gave an image to The Last Supper. Leonardo was invited by the king to stay with him, where he was admired and given the freedom to pursue his ideas, thoughts, and dreams. He is also acknowledged by many scientists and inventors for his sketches that resemble a helicopter and military weapons. Martin Luther’s greatest accomplishment was the reformation, protestantism, and the Ninety-five Theses. Martin Luther was threatened by the church and government when he wrote the Ninety-Five Theses, causing protestantism and the reformation. This forced him to go into hiding as a fugitive for the rest of his life. Martin was looked up to by many protestants, because of his bravery to go against the Roman Catholic
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