Leonardo Da Vinci Biography

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The Biography of one of the greatest Minds – Leonardo Da Vinci

The name of Leonardo Da Vinci needs no introduction. His immaculate skills as an engineer, as an architect and as a painter earned him the title of “The Renaissance Master”. He was a perfectionist who did all of his trades with utter perfection. However, he is most commonly known in all parts of the world as the creator of The Mona Lisa.

The Early Life

As far as his early life is concerned, he was born in 1452 on April the 15th. Since his early age, he was good at fine arts. In fact, at the age of 15, he became so proficient with the fine arts that he was eventually sent to the Florence to work in a workshop of Andrea Del Verrocchio. Del Verrocchio and Da Vinci worked together
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This time, he was given a commission to paint again. He has to paint “The Battle of Anghiari” that was supposed to be placed in the council hall of the Palazzo Vecchio. However, he was hired by the governor of Milan and he left Florence leaving his incomplete piece of art. Before leaving for Milan, he painted one of the most popular pieces of art in the history of mankind. He was commissioned to paint a portrait of the wife of a rich merchant. Therefore, it was the era of 1503 to 1506 when Da Vinci produced the masterpiece of “The Mona Lisa”. There are several conflicting stories about the woman in this painting and many people believe that there is no solid evidence available that may identify the real woman behind the portrait of “The Mona Lisa”. Nevertheless, the rumors are easily overshadowed by the quality of this masterpiece and it is still the center of attention of thousands of tourists who visit the Louver in Paris just for the sake of seeing “The Mona Lisa”…show more content…
Therefore, he left Italy and stayed in France to never return again. Finally, he passed away at the age of 67 years in France. He was buried in a church, but it got completely destroyed during the French Revolution. The church in Saint-Florentin has nothing left of Da Vinci, but he stays alive through his intellectual work of art and architecture and unique inventions as well.
Notable Inventions and The Artwork
Most people know Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist or an architect only. However, they may find it surprising that he was more than good in the scientific industry as well. He was an extremely intelligent man that brought some exciting new ideas to the world of Science and invented many unique contraptions.
He always had an interest in sketching the working cycle of different gadgets and machines since his early days. This interest led him to come up with the idea of different flying machines, musical instruments and different kinds of war weapons as well. In fact, his design of the ornithopter flying machine is considered the major inspiration for the creation of the modern helicopters of the current
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