Leonardo Da Lisa Essay

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If you have never heard of the Mona Lisa, chances are that you have been living in a cave your whole life. Most people know the painting and some know the artist’s name, but many people do not know much else. Aside from painting one of the most, if not the most, famous paintings in history, Leonardo da Vinci was an incredible man and a jack of many trades. Leonardo has impacted the world in many ways from his incredible artwork, to his centuries ahead of their times inventions, to his legacy of scientific work. This man was an absolute masterpiece himself. Leonardo da Vinci paintings have stunned the world for centuries, the most well being the Mona Lisa mentioned earlier. Leonardo revolutionized the art world with his technical experience.…show more content…
One subject described in his notebooks is physics. Included in his notebooks are detailed descriptions of his laws of motion, and although they aren’t the ones generally studied and accepted today, coming up with his own is somethings most people wouldn’t even take a shot at. Another topic discussed in great detail enclosed in his notebooks is the subject of human anatomy. Leonardo considered the human eye to be the most important organ in the body, and that sight was the most important sense. He, in order to better his paintings, began to study and dissect the human body as well as other organisms. He also studied, and documented his studies of, the human face. One of the things that made the Mona Lisa’s features so accurate, was da Vinci’s knowledge of the human face and its internal structure. His studies on the human body is some of the first documented in history. Da Vinci indulged himself in many other fields of study including astronomy, zoology, botany, geography, mathematics and so many more. Through these things he was able to impact the world with his ahead of their times studies and recording his
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