Leonardo Da Vinci: Mona Lisa And The Last Supper

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25 October 2015
Leonardo Da Vinci
In this essay I will be discussing my artist of choice, Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is an artist who is well known through out the years and even in today’s day and age. He is known for his incredible work of art which he had created during his time. He lived during the fifteenth century during the renaissance period. During the Renaissance Period many people started becoming very interested in art and education. Many people knew Leonardo Da Vinci for two of his art works, Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. What people really do not know, is that Leonardo was not just an artist, he was a man with many different trades and talents. During his time he was also known
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During his adult hood, he observed and took notes on everything he had drew. Also, when he wrote notes he would write them backwards, and in order to read them you would have to hold the notes to a mirror. Historians believed he did that so that others would not read about his discoveries and observations. In 1503, a man name Francesco del Giocondo asked Leonardo to paint a picture of his wife. This painting then would become one of the worlds greatest paintings ever The Mona Lisa. “This painting is not only famous but plays a huge part in today’s history. While Leonardo painted Lisa Gherardini, he studied the shape of her body, studied her hands very closely to make the shape, and added shading to make the painting more realistic.” This is one of the reasons that the Mona Lisa is so famous. It is also to be one of Leonardo’s favorite paintings that he has created. Leonardo died on May 2, 1519, at the age of 67, at Clos Luce, France. He was a man with intelligence way beyond his years. He has impacted the art world and influenced many artist in the past and in the future. His legacy will live on as one the finest painters to ever…show more content…
The painting is so detailed, the physical features, and all the characters that are in painting are realistic. In front of the painting you can see John the Baptist holding a bowl of holy water in his right hand, and slowly pouring the water on Jesus’ head. The physical features of St. John is a pale slim middle age man, the artists really did a great job capturing the muscle tone of St. John, especially on his left forearm and his chest region. He is clothed with a dark brownish shirt with a v-cut down the middle and with a white and blue robe wrapped around his left shoulder down to his mid-section to his legs. The artist did an amazing job shadowing Jesus’ body, highlighting and bringing out the definition to his physique. They captured Jesus also as a middle age man with long curly light brown hair. He stands in the middle of the painting with his eyes closed and his hands together praying. Right above him are the hands of God releasing a dove with rays of yellow light shining out of the dove’s chest. The light coming from the dove may represent a new life, since Jesus is getting baptize. To the left of Jesus stand two angels, both look very young in age. Each one is looking at each other as if they were conversing while Jesus is getting baptized. The halos are what really stands out for the angels. They are not the typically white halos you see, they’re solid yellow halos. They
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