Leonardo Da Vinci: A Genius Of Man

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If you describe Da Vinci is the greatest genius of mankind, I believe many people will agree. He is not only outstanding artists of the Renaissance, is also a scientist, inventor, sculptor, musician, mathematician, engineer and architect. His research in every field has made a significant contribution. His whole name is Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. At April 15 in 1452 Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci near Florence town, and he’s died in 1519 at France. He is the illegitimate son of a notary public Messer Piero, mother Caterina is an ordinary peasant girl. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/davi/images/libro2_virgin_rocks_02.jpg
Da Vinci in his father and stepmother childhood spent around 14 years old, he grows up in the environment
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Mona Lisa's eyes very beautiful, gentle, with the unfathomable meaning look to the front. However, if a closer look at the Louvre's collection of painting, she had neither eyelashes or eyebrows. This may because taking into consideration the popular Florence was shaved eyebrows of cosmetic surgery, and so the repair eyebrows and eyelashes are lost. Set off Mona Lisa's elegant background line gesture, it is a famous mountain desolate wilderness. Compared to her face finely painted background strokes becomes brisker. About Mona Lisa's identity, it is still controversial. In da Vinci's life era, many people have difference identity of the model of the portrait and another dozen statement. One think that the portrait was painted by the artist respected male assistant and some saying that may be lover. Other researchers even suspect that this painting is, in fact, a self-portrait…show more content…
The Vitruvian Man height is divided into eight equal portions, they can be divided into two arms open eight aliquots of the same length and width sixty-four squares of the grid. As shown below, the ideal person to head height should be eighth, genitals should be located at half the height. "The Vitruvian Man" is the ratio of Da Vinci's most accurate male modeled this "perfect ratio" that is, mathematically so-called "golden ratio." Da Vinci read through research about Vitruvian, combined with their own observations of the human body, painted this painting, became the first scientists using mathematical understanding of physical body structure. Every this is just like Leonardo da Vinci said "Simplicity is the ultimate
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