Leonardo Da Vinci: My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Product Design

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Product design is a discipline that’s constantly being shaped and reshaped by designers. Be it Jonathan Ives with his timeless apple products or Charles and Ray Eames with their ergonomic furniture designs, many designers have played and continue to play a significant role in evolving this discipline. However, there are three designers whose philosophy I personally connect with. These designers have influenced my work and aspirations as a product designer. Leonardo da Vinci is the first designer who has influenced me. I relate to his interdisciplinary outlook. He was an artist, an architect, an engineer, a mathematician and the list goes on. However, he did not compartmentalize these disciplines, but rather looked upon all of them as one. For example, he used his knowledge of human anatomy to create art pieces. My love for interdisciplinary education led me to a diverse subject combination during high school. I chose economics, physics and visual art at the higher level. Inspired by da Vinci’s outlook, I began viewing these three distinct disciplines as one. I started using my physics concepts to build art projects. While trying to merge these disciplines, I realized that I was coming up with product designs. That’s when I realized that product design was all about crossing disciplines in order to come up with creative solutions. It wasn’t a discipline, but rather a way of thinking. Da Vinci may not have been referred to as a product designer, but he thought like one.

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