Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper And The Mona Lisa

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After 565 years this man is still known as one of the greatest thinkers in history. He grew up with only a basic understanding of math, reading, and writing, yet he was a genius. He followed his passions and yearned for knowledge. He didn’t waste any time in his life. In his life span of 67 years he did more than we could ever imagine doing. He is Leonardo da Vinci. It was at the age of about 15 when Leonardo started his journey with painting. Leonardo’s father got him an apprenticeship to Andrea del Verrocchio, an amazing painter. Before this life changing experience however, Leonardo hadn’t received an education. He only knew the basics of math, science, and english, but that didn’t stop him. While working so close to a talented artist,…show more content…
Both of these paintings consisted of a lot of time, effort and patience. Da Vinci first began with The Last Supper, a tempera and oil painting on plaster. This was a commissioned mural for the refectory of the Santa Marie delle Grazie church. In hopes to make it as realistic as possible, he gave expression and emotion to each of the apostles. Each one different and unique to that person. What probably is the most impressive part about his work was how he was able to imagine the reactions they would have after hearing Jesus say, “One of you shall betray me.” He painted it like he was there in that exact moment, watching everyone's reactions. After about three years of hard work, Leonardo finished The Last…show more content…
He loved science, music, math and inventing; all of which he was incredibly good at. The main reason to why da Vinci never completed most of his creations was because he had so many interests and hobbies. He had too much to do in such little time. One of da Vinci’s greater interests was related to flight and birds. He loved the idea of being in the air and seeing the world in a new perspective. Leonardo had an idea he sketched up called the “flying machine.” His sketch closely resembles a bat, which he used as a reference for his design, but it also resembles some of the first planes ever built 400 years later. Da Vinci sketched up several other inventions that were made hundreds of years later. Although some were not known of by the time the invention was made, some of Leonardo’s plans helped to inspire inventors. He sketched a helicopter, cannon, clock, mechanical knight and many other inventions we still use to this

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