Compare And Contrast Science And Art

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Introductions The Renaissance was a period of rebirth not just of art and architecture but of everything. During this time we had breakthroughs in science, medicine, technology, and politics. That is not the point of this paper this paper is going to focus largely on art on building on one thing after the other. Now personally I will admit the Renaissance is more popular with me my favorite pieces of art come out of this period of time as well as some of my favorite scientist, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci. I know that throughout the course every chance I get I sing the man 's praises but that is how much I truly enjoy almost everything he ever created. In many ways, he blended art and science it a beautiful working machine. His works in anatomy all 8 of them that were highly publicized, as well as his inventions such as tanks, helicopter, better water mills and even…show more content…
The building is a pink pastel almost most with bright white being the only other noticeable shade it resembles a modern-day girls room in many ways unless you are in China where blue is a girls color and pink is a boys color. Overall though it is a gorgeous building and you can still see some of the old world styles. Conclusion Science and Art two of the most beneficial things the human race ever decided to dabble in. From it, we have recorded history visually allowing us to literally look into the past. Through science, we developed new materials, architectural styles and even new forms of art it is how we moved from wood to bronze and from bronze to stone and later on synthetic material. I will admit the Renaissance is my favorite period out of all three given times. Personally, I think it is the period of time we moved forward the most as a species. We learned to go back and reconcile religion and academia, as well as some of the greatest inventors and painters, came out of this period in
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